So, I've added in big al squeezes to my routine. If I can't keep getting to the desired eq, then I'll just do at least like 10 erect squeezes for about 20 to 30 seconds each. I did this along with 150 v jelqs as well, (I usually do 300 but I decided maybe that isn't working as well for me anymore) and was scared I might have over worked.
All I'm seeing are positive pi's. Woke up with an erection, all morning it feels as if it wants to be hard, I'm hanging super low and feel full. I stopped doing any kind of stretching, being that I don't want to gain anymore length. Believe me, if it were possible to give a half inch of length for a half inch in girth, I would lol. I'm going to try to skyrocket my girth by focusing purely on it, lots of water, etc.

I did have one question. Has anybody seen gains from the bathmate? My taxes are coming in and I figured I'd get me one. Which one should I get considering my stats? How would you implement it for gains along with a manual routine? Thanks for the help.