I plan to introduce myself in the proper forum as well, but a brief synopsis here might be necessary. I have been lurking for at least 2-3 years now. I have seen moderate gains, but they are mostly newbie gains that have come and gone due to inconsistency. I have never stuck out a routine for more than maybe 6 weeks until now. I am about done with JP90 and I am preparing to move on. Any advice on the routine would be greatly appreciated.

I essentially gained back the newbie gains within the first month, following the routine pretty tightly.

In the second month I stopped looking at any sort of porn during sessions ( which I had previously used to help jelq at 80%+) and added in the Bathmate (also used inconsistently over the past few years and it is a Hercules) while I finished up my shower (anywhere from 2-5 mins). I only found a marginal gain in this month as compared with the first.

I recently upgraded to a Hydromax X40, which I am currently regretting as I am not sure I like the fit. More on that some other time, but here it is; my proposed, post-JP90 routine:

Warmup - 3 mins - ( I do PE in the shower so this is essentially running hot water over and massaging the area)
Stretches - Left, Right, Down, Up, Out - 25 quick kegels, followed by 8 big circles clockwise and counterclockwise each time
- 5 mins in BM
- 50 (of each hand, so 100) Jelqs
- 25 V - Jelqs ( I actually do half V's, Half overhand Jelqs)

As I said, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

During JP90, I spent about 3 mins warming up, and I continue to run warm water as I did stretches which consistently took about 6.5 mins. All the jeqlgin took about 12-13 minutes. Do these times seem appropriate?