I've been theorizing some ways to enhance hanging for better gains and just other exercises overall.

I guess depending on your normal flaccid length, this could be done with the bib hanger.

GOing to look into the Captn Wench setup as it looks a bit smaller so this leaves more room.

I am not finding much about incorporating the V or A stretch into hanging. So I am going to you guys, do you know anyone whom has researched this or attempted this?

I know people do 15-30 seconds or a minute per set for the A/V stretch, but is there something that makes this required? Why not go 20 minutes for hanging? Potentially you can hang for shorter times because of this and make better gains?

Also the "A Stretch" and "V Stretch" are 2 different things. If I am allowed to link to outside resources on what these are, someone should let me know.