I get home before her so I have time almost everyday to do a routine.

There has been close calls when she's walked through the door, clamped dick (well I quickly unclamped and packed up), rooms smelling like cocoa butter. But she knows I have a freaky side, doesn't say anything and chalks it up to jerking off. she knows its bigger but I've also been telling her I haven't been jerking off much lately (true as I don't want to overtrain), so she probably chalks it up to an EQ kinda thing. I also have been telling her I've been doing "stretching penis yoga stuff" and what all the supps in the cabinet are for (circulation right. But she just thinks It's kinda goofy and is a guy thing. Someday i'll lay it all down because really, it's a fascinating subject, and as some have mentioned, she does benefit.