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    Thanks for sharing that JP. Truly an inspirational story. Hard work DOES pay off!


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      I was looking for this Waylander, but didn't find it. Luckily for me , it just popped up after your recent post Anyway, I still voted :P Even tough I am on a different routine.

      FG: 4.25" +0.45
      FL: 5.19" +0.69
      EG: 4.75" +0.45
      BPFSL: 7.69" +1.58
      NBPEL: 7.25" +1.19
      BPEL: 7.677"+1.757


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        Originally posted by jonpop View Post
        i gained probably 1 1/2" in bepl in the first 90 days. But since it was still giving me gains, i stayed with the routine for 16 months. During this period i gained, over all, 2 3/4" in length and over 1" in girth. I then went on to more advanced exercises and continued to gain to my present size of 8 1/4" x 6 1/4". I am just on a maintenance routine now. But, i credit most of my gains to the 90 day routine.
        My starting stats were 4 3/4" bpel x 4 1/2" mseg. Yes i was a quick gainer. But.. I was diligent in my efforts and put in the time and the effort. (jp
        holy shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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          holy shit~~~ pt2.

          I have rather similar starting stats as jp's, about the average for an Asian. I have gained 0.2" over 2weeks, at this rate will be 1.2" at the end of 90 days, however I should be prudent and hope for a 0.5-1". Will vote when that fateful day comes.


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            Couldn't have said it better myself calixto!!! Those are incredible gains! I'm just about done with two months of JP's routine and have noticed incredible EQ, heavier fuller penis, and an overall healthier penis as well. My second measurement day is on the 18th of this month and I'm very excited to see what the ruler has to say. I'll be updating my progress log on that day with my results!

            Oh and a big thank you to JonPop for creating and sharing this routine with all of us. You're truly and inspiration to many of us newbies, who without your guidance and highly detailed routine would be wandering aimlessly thorugh PE without any gains. Here's to you sir!
            Starting Stats:
            March 2010- BPEL: 5.75" MSEG: 4.80"
            Current Stats:
            November 2010- BPEL: 6.62" MSEG: 4.875"


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              I havent done PE before so it was great to find JPs guide.

              Based on the Loss of Tug theory, I have a high LoT and I hoped my gains would come easier.

              First couple days the routine seemed a little slow. Next couple days I knew the routine and it seemed much quicker(altough took about same time). After about a week it had just become part of my daily routine and felt great. I measured once at the start and then once every 30 days. Decided this as I didnt want to be put off if I didnt gain anything near the start. After 30 days and no gains, it was a bit of a downer but with 60 days to go I had hope. Day 60 and no gains, my hope for easy gains was gone. After 90 days Ive gained nothing

              Im thinking about trying another 90 days. But also about the time put in vs gains.


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                Hey slowgainer, sorry to hear this. Have you been consistent with the routine? Warming up properly? I saw small gains in the first 90 days, but stayed with the routine and really started gaining in the next 60 days or so. Stay with it and good luck. (jP

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                  I did 5 days on, 2 off. I did the full routine including the warm up and warm down. Im sticking with it and I'll come back and post hopefully after Ive gained an 1/8".

                  Thanks JP.


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                    Did you stretch good and intensity of your jelq?
                    I have been thinking about but you should stretch a little with greater force. You need to feel the stretch really good. And i can tell that i takes time before you know how to stretch well.


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                      For you guys who have finished Jp's routine or have made gains on it so far, please don't forget to participate in this poll.



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                        poll looks a bit dissapointing to me.. 25% havent had any gain.
                        Shows that gain in size is very much depending on the persons attitude! . We all have similar dicks and with the same training everyone should have the same or similar increase
                        Current(13.07.2010)(starting on 16.07.2010)
                        NBPEL: 16.1cm |6.4 inch
                        NBPFL: 9.5 cm |
                        3.7 inch

                        NBPEL: 18.0 cm |7.1 inch
                        NBPFL: NOT KNOWN

                        ULTIMATE GOAL
                        NBPEL: 20.0 cm | 7.9 inch
                        NBPEL: 12.0 cm | 4.7 inch


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                          poll looks a bit dissapointing to me.. 25% havent had any gain.
                          You have to consider that literally thousands of guys have completed this routine, and this poll was started recently. You DO need to keep in mind that gains are NOT guaranteed with ANY routines.

                          Shows that gain in size is very much depending on the persons attitude!
                          I'm not sure how you meant that so I'm gonna assume that you mean whether they had a positive attitude and stayed consistent?

                          We all have similar dicks and with the same training everyone should have the same or similar increase
                          Thats not the case at all. Some will make outstanding gains, and some won't make any gains at all.

                          If you want to discuss the topic farther than shoot me a PM or start a thread. That way we don't go away from the purpose of this thread
                          There is also a lot of info about gain rates on this site if you search


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                            My stats at the beginning of JP90 were:
                            BPFSL: 7X4.5
                            BPEL: 6X5.5
                            NBPSL: 5.5
                            NBPEL: 5.5X5.5

                            The day I finished JP90:
                            BPFSL: 7X5 (.5 gain in flaccid girth)
                            BPEL: 6.5x5.75 (.5 length gain & .25 in girth)
                            NBPSL: 6 (.5 in length)
                            NBPEL: 6x5.75 (.5 in length & .25 in girth)
                            Flaccid hang: 4.25x5 (resembles small can of creamed corn)

                            To be honest, I’m surprised. My focus was only on ED recovery and EQ maintenance. I assumed I would gain because I was conditioning myself to that probable end but not this much.
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                              5 days more to end my program. I'll measure again if I gain some again.

                              Started. 6" BPEL x 4.5" EG
                              2nd Month. 7" BPEL x 5" EG (maybe because it was shocked, seem to have overtrained much to the point I'm hurting my hands)

                              after that..for my last month, I try to moderate my exercises. I hope I will still gain, because some pips said that if you reach maximum stress for gain, then you lower that stress you will not gain anymore. You must at least be consistent or up it a little.

                              btw. I just want to tell that though I it seems I overtrained, I haven't felt any pain on my exercises, just my hands. I know that I overtrained because of PI's. My EQ has lowered from maybe 9 to 7.
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                                But Pampa you joined 2 and a half years ago? What happened man?
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