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6/12/19 Entry

Just completed my routine. Unfortunately it didn't yield much positive results. Did my usual stretches, then followed it up with an edging session. I started off by massaging that area which feels like a button that I referred to in the previous post, which is the very back & bottom of my penis right before my balls. Doing this helped stimulate me; engorging my penis & triggering little IK's towards my anus. These particular IKs however don't make me feel as if I'm going to ejaculate anytime soon or anything like that. From there I then started edging with lotion, while slowly deep breathing & RK'ing. Within minutes I hit a PONR, so I stopped edging completely and did some RK'ing to help bring my arousal + erection level down. Afterwards I was unable to really get back hard so I looked at some photos of some hot girls (with clothes on) and worked my way back up. Still unable to hit any plateau, because as soon as my strokes started feeling anywhere remotely good the IKs came roaring back despite any intervention I attempted (RK, reposition, etc). Worst part of it all was I again went with the "f*ck it" and ended up cumming.
Worth noting that I did do legs last night and I was feeling tight from the waist down, but still.

I do feel like maybe I'm kind of rushing this, but at the same time, I am putting a lot of work into it. Maybe the aspect of edging I am kind of rushing. I just am worried that I am wasting precious time doing this, when maybe I'm simply a complicated case that's a lost cause. I don't mind doing all these stretches everyday, but it's just taking the life out of me not to see any kind of results.

Also forgot to mention that I've been trying to use PYT. I've tried it roughly 5 times. There's been at least 4 instances where it did nothing. I felt hey, maybe I didn't put enough. I put more one time, and I was unable to cum. Not bad I thought. However, the next time after, I wasn't able to get hard at all.

Also should mention that I've been on Lexapro in the past for my diagnosed anxiety & depression. This drug is known to help PE'ers last long. My first time around I was able to have decent sex with my GF. After that, however, I was back to being a 2 pump chump. I'm now off it as I discovered that those symptoms were a results of hypogonadism. I now am on TRT which thankfully helped with the anxiety & depression, but obviously I've still got my PE issue.

As frustrating as this is, I can't give up. I'm jealous of all the guys out there that are getting to f*ck hard trying to get a nut, like normal people. Meanwhile I'm doing all these weird stretches and praying to God I can keep mine in. I feel like nothing works for me. It is what it is. I'm going to keep trying, and praying. . .
I'd start with this advice: Lose the fail mindset. Even if you have to fake it for a while, talk more positively to yourself. You said that your last edging didn't yield positive results. Of course it did. You're always learning something about yourself. Pay closer attention to your body and mind if you need to, but always use edging as a learning exercise. You also said that you gave up and ejaculated. That's a mindset, as well. Sure, there will be times when it doesn't end the way you want, but those times should be more "accidental". You should choose to end your edging sessions on your terms - not ejaculating. You're training your mind and body to understand that arousal and stimulation don't lead to ejaculation unless and until you want it to. Be more positive.