Hello everyone new member here (29). Iv been struggling with PE for as long as I can remember. After reading through endless material on how this happened I have come to some causes.

As long as I can remember I'd race to finish masterbating. I mean before my balls dropped racing. I remember a few times I just tried to cum as many times as possible as fast as I could. How stupid looking back now. The only way I knew how was to hold a tense kegel or pump a kegel. SO naturally I have a very strong front kegel. And two weeks before I came across PEGYM the internet said do more kegels so I did more kegels. Again stupid.

Putting two and two together I'd say I have a solid front kegel and can hold back the PONR already without really ever focusing exclusively on excersizing it, besides those two weeks.

I also can say I have some anxiety about how long i last and its constantly racing through my head. Even when I try and think of the moment and how beautiful my gf is it doesn't help. It's like I still have that voice in the back saying your getting close, your ganna lose it and there you go again good job...

So my main focus I feel will be in the reverse front kegel department 100% till I can regain some time on the clock. I hope that this will cure the anxiety part.

To everyone who can relate and want to share common experiences or maybe some success stories be my guest. I love reading them as they give me hope and drive in my future success.
Tips also appreciated.

I did have one question to leave off on. As i just recently started RKs I can feel alot of things independently sometimes if anyone can identify which motion is correct.
1 I can feel at the base of the penis where the shaft meets the base on the outer skin I can put light pressure on it but it feels more of forward motion.
2. I can also feel like I raise my balls and slowly lower them. No idea what muscle I'm using for that.
3. I think this is the reverse kegel but not entirely sure. It kind of feels like a knot in the middle of my balls and a hole. It drops more when I stand but can push it slightly as well on my back with knees bent.
I guess this could clarify for me and anyone else almost there but still unsure.