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Its been 2 weeks. Can u share please? Thanks
Ok so first of all, in this two week of time me and my girlfriend broke up so i almost havent tested it on real
But the one time i did was a week ago and i noticed 2 major things:
My PreE hasnt much improved but my EQ improved massively-first, my dick was much harder than usual. Second,my dick was rock hard 10 seconds after cumming which made having sex much better

The second thing was size- it kind of grew in girth (not sure how much)

Now about the exercises
The 3rd one was really hard to complete in week one, but each day now im getting close to 100 kegels in a row - i feel that this is an improvement in that field
The 4th one (ballooning) was made easier by performing a strong kegel and then focusing on the release of the kegel made my pf much less tense.

The first exercise not much to share, and in the second exercise i couldnt get an erection no matter what i did so i added 5 minutes time on the ballooning exercise