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Try this next time, I call it stabaling the PF, but it is sort of an RK. Apply a pressure out on the both sides of the front PF. I mean exactly above your penis (where some speculate IC is there) and the end of your BC muscle which should end very close to your anus.
Do it first out of the edging session, where you put a small amount of pressure out and see how it change your front PF and try to pull your flaccid penis then. You can see if you do it right, you feel the sensitivity of your glans is highly reduced. then transfer it to your edging session.
Hey, thanks for your input but I’m a little confused by what u mean by “apply pressure on both sides of the front pf. Exactly above the penis”?

what do u mean both sides of the front PF, and what do u mean above the penis?

Above the penis like near my belly? I think the PF runs from the Underside base of the penis to the anus no?