Got a blowjob last night. Not satisfied with the result. Lasted about 1 min. When I dont have the controll of stopping or slowing down I still just cannot control it. It doesn't matter I tried RKs and deep breathing... the urge was just stronger as from what I can handle.

The big drawback however was after that. I decided to watch some porn, which I have not done for 2 months already since starting the routine. I did come 2 time, both very quickly in 1-2min. Got insane IKs, was feeling I will cum without even touching myself. Was a big mistake and just confirms I should never doing it until I am cures.

I feel bad now. I feel like I just throw away all my efforts until now and I am back at square one.

Anyway I put my efforts to forget this as soon as possible, reset myself and continue with the routine.