Hey everyone.

Jumping in here after some time away.

Working daily on APT caused me to severely re-herniate my disc and left me near totally immobile for a few months. I am still on this forum as ever but hadnít been able to do any posture / alignment work for a while. Iím kind of back to square 1.

As I have recurring disc issues - surely APT isnít my issue, despite my low key hoping that it was -could my issue have always been PPT? Antony Gerio seems to insist that PPT seems to resolve the issue but I somehow havenít had that experience.

Iím currently at the stage where movement is still limited and I experience a bit of pain daily. Edging lasts about 3 minutes, arousal or intrusive thoughts bring on PONR or an unrecoverable IK almost immediately.

Not sure where to start from to pick this up again. Maybe try doing some arousal control until the physical rehab can start again, but Iím not sure how to tackle that prt now.

Any insight welcome!