The quick fix for those who don't want to read the whole this. I call it the PE challenge that proves you don't have what you think is PE.
I dare you to pick one porn video for 1 week and cum before 20 pumps each time you jack to it. If you make it past 20 pumps you no longer have PE for that video because you last longer than you had to.( Its like the video is a woman and you lasting longer than 20 pumps is her cumming. ) This is to prove that what your looking for isn't... really what your looking for.... making it..... your cure. Its curing your pe by making you realize there's nothing to cure. It's like fucking philosophy i know but let me explain.

I remember reading somewhere that PE doesn't exist and that pissed me off! After all,why was I cumming as soon as I insert my cock into this woman??? I'm talking about as soon as I knew that I was in that love canal I just pulled right back out and jazzed. Sometimes It would be so bad I couldn't get an erection because I was scared of coming fast.
Now that I'm passed that I can laugh at it. There has been times I made women cum and i had my kegal clenched hard! I was thinking about her hotter freind because I wanted to cum a get the encounter over with.But she came and I didn't.
As I'm here trying to tell you what I would like to hear back then, trying to tell you what to do to end your PE, that one trick that would " fix " you but I can't find it. With all the contemplating that I've done so you can have the success like I have had, just by telling you one tip or giving you some program. There is none.

Because I was looking at it wrong!
Understanding why you cum fast is the most important!!!!

(((**You have premature ejaculation because .... you want to last longer, to make women cum. So that women will like you, so you get more pussy **))
It's like you having terrible aim because you think that holding your hand steady makes you a great shot BUT you trying to hold your hand steady is making you anxious in terms making your hand shakey

You believing your self worth is based on your performance with women is giving you a great deal of anxiety. Its like an oxymoron. A negative feedback loop.
All I can say is that you have to break this thought pattern. There will be women who make you cum quick no matter what you do because every sexual encounter will be different. There's no escaping that because that's just life.

Are you trying to last long or what you're really asking for is a guaranteed positive sexual encounters every time your with a woman?

Truth is there's a woman out there that will cum before you even touch her but she would never cum with another guy.
On the other hand there are women out there that will make u cum before you take your pants off.But you fuck her enough times and you will get tired of her, you will pump and pump but you wouldn't cum Except if your afraid of losing her and hold her at a higher standard than yourself.

That's just how life works. This may not be what u want to hear but there are some who will read this and a few women down the line and they will come to the same conclusion.
The Fix??? You have to prove to yourself that PE is just a state of mind. You think that lasting long will make you great at sex, but trying to last longer is making you cum faster. Thus why some things make you cum faster than others. Its because you are making a conscious effort to last long when what you perceive to be highly sexually stimulating.

I noticed I stopped cumming from blowjobs when I started having constant sex and skipping blowing scenes during porn because they bore me.
I stopped watching porn because I was doing things that I looked for in porn. My thing was rough sex porn made me cum fast. The moaning and the wet sex sounds were highly stimulating so every time I get to that part my body started seizing up and just by touching my dick I would want to cum. When I started doing the things in real life that I looked for in porn it became less stimulating and I would last longer. When you have enough sexual encounters or that you are so comfortable with sex that your actually trying to cum.... you will naturally last longer

You may argue that its also physical and you have to do these pelvic exercises that make you last longer but let's be real. There are some women that come from you just sticking your dick in because they find you so sexy. If everyone woman you came across that happens you would get bored of it then you would probably start trying to make your self cum for once wouldnt you?It would be kinda boring and repetitive of every damn woman you came across had an orgasmn as soon as you penetrated her Think about. Would you care about how you long you last then???
No matter what you do you will never have 100% good sex all the time!!! the faster you realize that the faster you start healing.