I maybe added another angle to understand the basic PC Kegel hold

This is basically delving deeper into what a Kegel hold is in the TECHNIQUE part of Minutemans dry orgams guide..
It`s kinda taken as granted that everyone knows what a PC Kegel is. But if you search for it then it`s hardly detailed what actually happens.
It's rather nebulous and focuses on outside observations how it interacts with peeing and the Penis moving.

I think what I laid out here might help people to get the mind-body connection of controlling the Kegel. Same approach as I did with the IC kegel.
Knowing what actually happens in detail is a huge difference to me in gaining control and awareness of the muscles - proprioception.

That should enable me to do a reliable DO and then MMO. My kegel feels different right now while I still engage the same muscles.
It's like the difference between lifting a barbell with your hand and arm and actually engaging the biceps pulling the arm and barbell up.

So I postulate/summarize:

The muscles that do a kegel hold work for that purpose between Bladder and Penis and wrap around the Urethrae and Prostrate.
Engaging the muscles pinches the Urethrae and pulling the muscles up "closes off" the various tubes that produce semen.
Holding the muscles in that position stops the contractions that pull the fluids into the Urethrae.

(didn`t attempt a DO yet since starting this thread)