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I've been stretching my hip flexors, working out my TVA (lower abs) with no gaps, hollow body, leg lifts with lower back against the floor, and also squatting/stretching my pelvic floor. I've done a bit of glute work with hip thrust/bridges but not as intense as outline by Anthony yet. Tried to masturbate today and before I was even fully erect I noticed I was already involuntarily kegeling. Does this make sense? I thought all of these would slowly loosen up the tight pelvic muscles? One more thing to note, whenever I'm touched around the lower abs/groin area my body tenses up/twitches. Is this an indicator of tight abs? I thought my abs were elongated/weak

Sidenote: When I attempt to masturbate I generally have trouble maintaining an erection with high EQ and have to put in a lot of effort. I come from a background of poor masturbation habits/porn addiction(I've quit 3+ years ago)
Increase your knowledge of how body development works. Otherwise would be frustrating. You'll see the result of what you do now, maybe in a week, and should aggregate.