My guess would be to start a gentle kegel routine right now, see if you can isolate all the four main ones - I started with just normal BC kegels daily, and that gave me more wood as you'd expect. I was suprised how hard it was to hold them at first - not because I wasn't used to my BC being weak, but because the routines were working up to 60 seconds or so holds, and I'm like "no. way.". It probably took less than a month before I broke through some sort of barrier, and instead of holding for 4 seconds.. then 5... I could suddenly hold for 20, then 30 seconds. Didn't help my PE much until I discovered this place, the other three main types of kegels and the idea that RELAXING the pelvic floor was the key. With that it probably didn't take long until I could isolate the muscles much better, and I'm now just experimenting a bit, trying to get a much better feel for my response there during arousal.

If Pegasus' balance theory works for you (I expect it has resonance for everyone) I think a good way to look at it is literally about balance, like riding a bike. If you can feel, strengthen and control all the muscles in your pelvic floor, you'll be wobbly at first, but i'd expect there to come a point where you don't even have to think about it. Just like riding a bike, one day you'll be riding round the park and be like... oh, look what I did! that was easy, I don't remember suddenly "getting it".

Just my 2c, but don't take me as any sort of authority, I'm still very much a student!

Good luck