After a few weeks of doing kegel exercises with no reverse kegels I have had some astonishing results. I have found that the stronger the pc muscle is the easier it is to hold a longer kegel, and during masturbating and sex I have found myself holding a weak kegel even though I do not have to concentrate on it. Although it may be an involuntary kegel in itself, since you are holding it almost indefinitely during stimulation, there are no involuntary kegel spasms which are the cause of preE.

Therefore, instead of having multiple involuntary kegels during sex or masturbation as men with preE do, you instead are holding a longer involuntary kegel which prevents the stimulation of the prostate repeatedly over and over again. After a while of holding the muscle, it will be tired so that when you forcibly relac it with a reverse kegel or just by relaxing the muscle, you actually lose a few points of EQ, say from a 9 or 10 to a 7, and then when you have your control back you can start to hold a voluntary kegel to bring your erection back to a 9 or 10 again.

Im not on any real routine, every day or every other day I do 25 root locks followed by 25 front kegels, and I do this set like 4 or 5 times just to try and keep in shape, but it seems to be working very well so far.