I've been reading these forums for awhile and finally decided to join myself. Long story short, I am a PE sufferer. I believe my main issue is the involuntary kegels I get once I'm fairly aroused, and just plain getting too aroused too easily/quickly. I'm only 17 but due to my bad masturbating habits over the last few years (rushing in fear of discovery, flexing PC muscles), I believe I have developed a very strong, "overactive" kegel reflex, while never until recently learning about and somewhat properly isolating (I think) my RKs to counteract this. I have been doing RKs everyday fairly steadily for 2 months and I do feel that it has helped somewhat, but my question(s) are this: being that my kegel muscles (PC?) are known to be quite strong in comparison to my reverse kegel muscles (BC?), is it so far fetched to believe that a quicker/better route would be to try and become MMO, using my already strong kegel muscles to contract and stop the contractions? Or do I continue on with a strict RK routine and continue to try and relax my overactive kegel muscles/spasms? I have tried to hold hard kegels before at PONR (maybe 3 times), and each time I had retrograde ejaculations. I know they are not good (and result in erection loss anyway), but is this indicative of my kegel muscles being somewhat strong enough to possibly be capable of MMO via a hard kegel at PONR? I un derstand this is not an overnight thing, but I am at a crossroads here and would like some guidance as to pursue a more kegel oriented route (MMO?), or continue with RK routines and just try to retrain and relax the kegel spasms in hope of a more traditional way of lasting longer. Sorry for the novel, I know many members here are very knowledgable so any guidance is much appreciated.