Hello guys,

since 3 weeks I'm following minuteman's guide to MMO and I'm edging almost every day (ejaculating every 2-3 days), and I'm really satisfied with the results I'm currently obtaining: my EQ has incredibly improved (it seems I also gained some lenght ) and my arousal level is always under control.

My question is about something strange that happened twice in the last 2 days: I was edging as usual; at a given point (around 15-20 minutes), I was reaching the PONR, and I stopped edging and I kegeled for 3-4 seconds; I felt the semen coming up.....When I released the kegel, I had spasms, but no semen came out; the sensation was very close to an orgasm, but with lower pleasure than usual. After the spasms stopped, I started edging again, the erection was a bit less than before, and the arousal level was lower too. I continued until I reached again the PONR, I ejaculated as usual but I got a different feeling: on the first day it was like ejaculating with no orgasm, while yesterday I felt like having a standard orgasm + ejaculation, but with lower pleasure than usual.

What do you think about this? Was it kind of a dry orgasm, or something different?