My question is about repeat ejaculations - not sure if this is the right forum to post it in but because it's about ejaculation I'm assuming it should be okay.

I know there are tablets on the market to delay ejaculation but is there anything to increase the amount of times you ejaculate? After one good ejaculation I get tired and want to rest/sleep but sometimes my gf wants more and I feel like a loser being unable to ejaculate again. I can get hard again in about 10-20 mins but it's just a 'bang' rather then a proper feeling with a nice climax. Sometimes if I am really at it then I get the orgasm but nothing comes out so she thinks I'm faking it

I know there are exercises to help with premature ejaculation and stuff like that but I don't really have much of a problem with this. I get a little precum but most waits till I ejaculate. I also don't have a problem keeping it hard... It's just this ejaculation thing. I have spoken to some friends about it and they tell me it's abnormal to not be able to ejaculate properly more then once a day *

On average I can ejaculate properly after 12 hours but a bigger load comes after 24 hours (slightly less actually). If I leave it for a day or two a really big load comes out. However lately the more I 'tease/stroke' it the bigger the load rather then the time gap.*

Can someone help me out? What can help me?*

Ps I did ask my doc to check my sperm and they ignored me. To me it's kinda 'dilute' - like on old it's more white and thick - but then that could be a lie so idk. Lol