Hey guys,

Just looking for some advice to aid with curing my (what I believe to be) self inflicted PreE. I have had a look on the forum but cant find an answer to the question I have:

My Routine is to basically masturbate/thrust using a training unit similar to the one made by Fleshlight untill i hit my PONR. I then try to go as fast as possible (often very slowly) keeping myself around a 7/10 for about another 4/5 times of hitting my PONR before i finish for that day. I also take breaks where i RK during sessions.

I have 4 sessions ( a day is a session) before I allow myself to cum after the 4th session because I can no longer train (explained below).

This is where I have a question:

Initially on day/session 1 I am able to last for about 10/15 minutes before I hit my PONR on penetration. This duration lowers greatly day by day, and when I am on the 4th day/session I can literally last no longer than 60 seconds after penetration. I have no explanation for this. I assume im retaining some of the excitement from the previous day of not cumming and the only way to "reset" this is to cum.

What should I do? I feel like I make progress on day 1 and 2. But because I dont last very long at all on day 3/4 i feel like i am almost doing the opposite training to what I should be (IE, teaching myself to cum fast). I dont want to risk training my self wrong and in fact hindering my progress.

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read and reply,