Now this has maybe been posted before but I have a problem that occurred during my relationship. I use to have sex with girls and last for 2-3 hours and i loved it. I got with my girlfriend and we use to go for hours and it was amazing she loved it and i loved it but as we got about a year into the relationship something happened to me mentally and i lost my stamina confidence i started cumming within atleast 5-10 minutes unless we just went slow.. I don't like to f**k slow if you know what i mean i like to go hard and fast but when i would go hard and fast i would get a bad mentality and start feeling the PONR coming on very fast and it just got worse as time went on. On the odd occasion we would go at it for 45 minutes to an hour during this period but it became rare and made me very sad and i was losing all confidence in the bedroom. We got our own place (away from flatmates etc) and started going at it a lot the sex was getting better and longer again, we ended up losing our flat due to old tenant not wanting to move out anymore but the night before we did we had the most amazing sex it lasted for well over an hour and it was as intense as it use to be just hard and fast. I was just wondering is this just a mental thing because i've always been fine to go for ages but once my confidence dropped i would think i'm going to cum fast and then i would or i would think to myself don't think about it and then think about it and cum fast and it started making us unhappy because i became unhappy in the bedroom due to cumming fast from a bad mentality. I'm just wondering if anyone has any psychological advice i could use to change this and be confident again.