Hello there.
Well, she has sexual desire for you and that's great! I hope that she understands you are inexperienced in that area and that she both communicates with you and helps you learn what she enjoys. Also, do not worry about your possible "short fuse". Nowadays there is too much focussing of sex in the penis, which is absurd! I have only had one real sexual experience with someone (he is a man more than 30 years my senior). Of the 2 hours we were in bed only the last 20 to 30 minutes involved our penises (and we are both males, so we really don't have much more to play with, or so some think). Explore her body and let her explore yours, your hands, eyes and nose will be your best guides. Touch her belly and her neck, feel her hair... There are a million things you can do.
A piece of advice: before you go have sex with her do not wash your hair and try to have your shower take as long before the action as possible.

Best of lucks and have confidence in yourself!