Hi Guys,

I have a strange sort of injury that suddenly just occurred over night. I don't know if i slept funny or over stretched my penis when masturbating or what ever but my flaccid penis now seems to be really flexible and bendy, but mostly to the left side. I can literally fold my penis in half, which is scaring me a bit because it never used to do this. I can't see any bruising or swelling what so ever, although their is a vein on the base of the shaft which is a bit bigger than usual. I can still get an erection fine but it has curved to left a bit more than usual and instead of pointing out at 12 it will just fall over to 9:00 unless i hold it. I'm also finding it hard to keep the erection if i let go of my penis it will just loose all the blood and return to normal.
I've looked a few solutions on the internet and can't really find anything similar so thats why i've posted on here hoping you guys have any idea?

I know if got some sort of scar tissue on the left but thats pretty normal for most men, i don't have a severe curvature at all but it just feels like the blood on the left side of my penis won't fill up as much and the right side is heavier, there fore pushing it over to the left.