So my story is that I started having steady sex when I was around 17 with my girlfriend at the time and was pretty good at it. I always lasted long,(ok not always but 80%) and was never worried about finishing too quickly. Then her and I were separated this past summer and about 3 months ago started having sex again, but this time I was constantly finishing in 1 of 2 minutes, maybe even less! I didn't know what had happened so I did research and found that maybe it was lack of exercise that caused it (I swam in high school every day then stopped for the summer). So I tried swimming again, but unfortunately the PE continued.

I found out about kegels so started practicing those and got good at the dry orgasm technique, but I only lasted 2-3 minutes each time which was annoying, (especially with changing the condom when some seeped out). Finally I gave up and started trying reverse kegels, which I still don't fully have a grasp on, and still no results. I am now not sexually active since her and I recently broke up but whenever i masturbate I sometimes finish just as I start actually doing it so I know its still a problem.

Now im struggling with what to do about this, I've gone back and forth between kegels and reverse kegels because i'm not sure which ones I need more. i've read about the need for balance, but whenever I so much as do a kegel excercise, Ill start coming a lot quicker so i believe i have a hypertonic pelvic floor. this results in some questions for the forum.

1. which ones are better to do, kegels or reverse kegels. if the answer is both, how should i go about doing them now (how often, how much at a time, oh and I currently have stopped doing both for two weeks.)
2. how the hell do you do a reverse kegel without having your abs completely tensed? ive read about eventually getting to the point where you can do this, but then all I get is a lot of exhaling and inhaling while trying to gently push out, but dont feel anything in my pelvic floor.
3. how long do reverse kegels take to actually start being useful?
4. and can reverse kegels actually make you cum faster? (I recently tried masturbating while holding an RK the whole time and ended up blowing my load a lot quicker than I had expected while i was trying to edge.)
I also think 4 and 2 tie in together because ive heard muscle tension makes you cum quicker and my abs were pretty damn tense while i was holding that RK.

any help with this would be so much appreciated! i've read all the success stories on here and want to be able to post my own as well :/