Yesterday, I had my first DO. I was so excited that I attempted again later that evening. I had one DO, which was followed by a failed DO, but not a retrograde ejaculation. I posted about all of this in the DO/MMO group. I've read that when you are first starting out, it may be best to ejaculate afterwards. That was on my mind last night, so I did. My erection was much harder than it has been in a long time! I didn't edge, I just masturbated until I ejaculated. When I came, it was the most intense wet orgasm I may have ever had. I was whimpering to keep from screaming and waking my roommate. However, it almost felt like it was being held back or something. When I checked after I regained my focus, there was much less semen than usual. I urinated after and there didn't seem to be semen, but it wasn't in a cup so I'm not 100% sure. My bladder didn't hurt after. I read that after edging and a DO there is usually a buildup up semen and more is released.
Has this happened to anyone? Do you think I just held a kegel without realizing it in the heat of the moment?