My sexual experience is mostly centered around high school; I had only two girlfriends, and only one of them was as sexually desirous as I was (perhaps even more so).

With us being mindless teenagers---and without the means to buy condoms more often than not---we typically didn't use condoms because she was on birth control. On top of that, I would Yes, retarded, I know. Several years later, I myself can't believe how reckless we were.

I would last anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes after penetration, depending on where my mind was beforehand. However, even when we did use condoms, I would be in a state where I felt I could, without a doubt, last as long as I wanted due to the utter lack of stimulation. And, suddenly, without any steady rise in my level of arousal, I would instantly and unexpectedly feel the ejaculation reflex and finish with absolute minimal stimulation beforehand.

It baffled me then and, several years later, I'm not certain it won't happen again.

Again, with us being teenagers and not having a secluded place where we could relax and enjoy intercourse, I understand the possibility that I possibly may have psyched myself out on occasion. I understand that focusing so much on it could've actually hurt me in the end, but I'm not entirely sure.

I just want to know how it's even possible that I could ejaculate with very little stimulation, where that stems from, and how it can be fixed.

(P.S., Sorry if it's long-winded at all)