If anyone is looking to fix there pe with prescribed medicines i strongly advise against it. But if people are not happy and not seeing results with anything else then the one thing i would reccomend is DXM. DXM is what's in cough medicine and many people use it recreationally, as in high doses it causes a trip. It should ONLY be attained through prescription by ones doctor as everone is different it might not be suitable due to allergies, past medical history, etc. If you are prescribed it and you do use it measure your doses carefully and do not exceed. In smaller doses it does delay ejaculation and it lasts for up to 48 hours depending on the dose. It's what i used shortly after being on tramadol an ssri.
Ssri's are believed to cure pe by relieving stress and anxiousness but but it is actually a direct chemical side effect that can cause de, orgasm without pleasure, ejac without orgasm, ed, losses in libido and other effects as well as effects in other areas of your mental state. DXM has none of these effects when taken in the right doses and is the only reason i reccomend it but as i said everyone is different and it may not work for you. But long term follow the advice on this forum and do it naturally.