Because I have made like two different post on this same page and they both address different topics, I find it appropriate to start a thread that relates to my PE journey in general.

Today, I found some interesting things and I would like to get some insight on what I felt. First off, today I started with my first ballooning session. I began by rubbing the head for 5 minutes and because it didn't really give me pleasure I moved to the frenulum. It was a lot better but even after 10 minutes of rubbing and holding a voluntary kegel, I couldn't get to PONR. During my ballooning session I felt no IK.

After 15 minutes of ballooning I moved to edging and did it for about 10 minutes. I noticed that the only way to get to PONR is by doing it pretty hard and quickly, but that also leads me to kegel (especially when laying down, which is the position I come quickest with when having sex). I am still not sure if it is involuntary because I am kind of able to control it if I reduce the pace at which I am edging. If I edge in a controlled manner I can never get to PONR (only with porn, but unfortunately I am on day two of no porn).

Right now I believe my PE is completely psychological, but if you have any insight on my situation I would appreciate it. My confusion comes from the fact that I can rub my frenulum for so long and still not get to PONR, or that I have to almost savagely beat my penis when edging to get to PONR, but it still only takes me 3 minutes to cum in bed.

P.S. I did some edging last week and even did it for 30 minutes with lube, but the day I turned to watch porn again it took me only 4 to 5 minutes to get to PONR.