Happy New years guys, love the new looks of the forums, i have congestive prostatitis/clogged prostate which is basicly the samething,
which makes me slightly suffer from E.D. where i can't keep my erection at times. And have to have stimulation to get it back hard again. Also i suffer from Premature Ejaculation from this, and this is really depressing knowing i have this problem, have you guys out there tried a prostate massager device out there? I hear about the aneros prostate massager which look like it is pretty good. have you guys tried this? I know it has to be good cause it is just a device milking the prostate even my uro said that milking the prostate only helps this Do you guys use it everyday? or is that a bad idea, i've been in the uro for 8 weeks and it hasnt help i must be really backed up... Hope you guys can help i've been everywhere for help.