hello every1, I'm new at the gym and would love to hea ever1s opinion on my progress.

EL- 6"
EG- 5.3"

I'm on my 6th week of PE
1st week - 40 jelqs 3 days
2nd week - 100 jelqs 5 days
3rd week - 150 jelqs 5 days
4th week- 200 jelqs 5 days
5th week - 250 jelqs 5 days
6th week - 300 jelqs, will be 5 days

kegel everyday since week 1
started doing squeezes and stretches in week 5, 25-50 squeezes. 100-200 stretches

My erection quality was horrible prior to PE, hardly masterbated and never had morning wood, now I have morning wood everyday.. Stronger erections and definately last longer with my girlfriend
As for gains.. I just have more blood flow, increase in flaccid growth, however I don't see a difference in erection growth
very happy so far, if any1 has an opinion on my routine, please let me know

also what is my girth considered, I know my length is average.. Thanks