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  • TANGO 5/10 progress log

    I'm probably not going to post on this everyday. Just stating where I started & currently stand.

    Started PE EXERCISES in 8/15 along with a ongoing weight loss journey. So I'm not claiming ridiculously extraordinary GAINS. My original Bpel was 7 & a ? on my EG because in highschool girls didn't measure girth they pulled out rulers on me for length. How we knew to do a bone pressed measurement still has me laughing to this day when I found Pegym.

    I started with the JP90 for 4 months and moved onto a lot of A&V Stretching after that. After month 9 I moved into a lot of bundled Stretching & Mandingo Stretches.
    By my 15 months I was completing a 720 rotation twist and holding Stretches for 20 seconds , up , down , left , right & STRAIGHT out. Also doing 360 bundled Stretching with A&V . Also a lot of tension Stretching.

    Coming up on my 19 month in first week of 3/17 continuously Jelqing , manual Stretching , Stamina Training & a helluva lot of Kegels & Reverse Kegels + HINDI Squats . Lots of Warm-up & WARM-DOWN. Always , honestly I never skipped a step. Was scared too least I injured myself. My only injury during this journey was Jelqing beyond Penis numbness but I quickly learned from that mistake.

    Here are my standings as of currently & consider I did this with weight loss & a original bpel of 7 , not to make this whole Penis Enlargement stuff sound to outrageous. Was 300lbs & now 220lbs with a 48-46waist to a 36inch waist.

    Bpel 6.75-6.8
    EG 4.75-4.8

    4 months
    BPEL 7
    MEG 5

    9 Months
    Bpel 7.50
    BEG 5.25
    MEG 5.25

    15 MONTHS
    BPEL 7.75
    MEG 5.75
    BEG 5.75

    18 MONTHS
    BPEL 7.8
    MEG 5.75
    BEG 5.75

    18 1/2 months for
    ( s&g because of the WIFE )
    Bpel 7.8
    Meg 5.75
    Beg 5.75

    The Girth Gain's are driving my Wife Bananas. She loves the Length Gain's.
    So that's currently standing & I think I'll give this Penis Stretching maybe a full 2 years before I just move over into Jelqing & Stamina Training but leaving the Penis Stretching ALONE. Let's be honest manual Penis Stretching is time consuming and you must stay motivated to continuously do these exercises.

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    My Best Girth Routine .
    360 A&V bundled stretches
    720 bundled Stretching all directions 25seconds tops while keeping the bundle twist moving right into next direction
    540 rotation same as 720
    Squeeze Technique 60%-70% EQ


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      This is my Personal Stud Routine & it is long but Works if you have the time

      Warm-up 10-15 minutes ( preferably in shower )
      * Squeeze Technique 30x 5sec holds 65% EQ . keep it moving in-between sets . If EQ subsides , work it up a little again.

      3 sets side - side 20 seconds
      3 sets STRAIGHT up 20 seconds
      3 sets STRAIGHT down 20 seconds
      3 sets STRAIGHT OUT 20 seconds

      * regular A&V Stretching 25 seconds
      * 360 bundled A&V Stretching 20 seconds

      * 720 bundled Stretching ( up, down, left , right , STRAIGHT out 15 seconds each Stretch without releasing rotation moving right into next direction Stretching

      360 Rotation twist 15 seconds for each side

      * 540 Bundled stretches ( same as 720 )

      * 1 set regular A&V STRETCHING

      Making Sure my PI's stay good

      * Edging / Ballooning with FLESHLIGHT
      45 minutes . ( no Ejaculation ) keeping the EQ as high as possible.

      * Throw in some manual Clamped Edging in while on the FL

      ***** WARM-DOWN *******
      AT least 15 minutes

      Just a note

      Horizontal Movement Jelqing is excellent for Girth Gain's . Just keep the EQ UNDER 70% and everything should remain Cool & Collective


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        Originally posted by TANGO 5/10 View Post
        My Best Girth Routine .
        360 A&V bundled stretches
        720 bundled Stretching all directions 25seconds tops while keeping the bundle twist moving right into next direction
        540 rotation same as 720
        Squeeze Technique 60%-70% EQ
        I forgot to throw in my HORIZONTAL MOVEMENT JELQS . They worked awesome for me & GIRTH GAIN'S after my 4months of JP90. I still regularly do them even though I've plateaued on my Beg&Meg


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          I also Supplement with VigRx + and VigRx oil using on hardworkout days


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            Well since I'm logged in . It's a regular routine day for me

            Edging Ballooning

            Gots to hash out my regular routine later because it is more details than that . LOL 😁😁😁


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              This is my regular routine , can't do my STUD ROUTINE but maybe 1x or 2x a week being my work & gym schedule interference

              Warm-up 10 minutes ( preferably shower )
              Basic stretches
              30 seconds up , down , L & R
              30 seconds of tension Stretching STRAIGHT out

              30sec A&V Stretching

              540 bundled stretches - 20 seconds , up, down , left , right , straight out ( do not release rotation twist ) until complete

              30 seconds 340 rotation twist ( L&R )

              360 bundled or 540 bundled same as above

              100 regular Jelqing
              50 Horizontal Movement

              3O minutes ( hand Edging )

              10 minutes


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                Don't really care to much for ( V Jelqing ) for some reason I just stopped doing well with the V Jelqing after like 16 months . So I just stick to regular Jelqing & HORIZONTAL MOVEMENT JELQS


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                  Edging / Ballooning consistently has done wonders for my Stamina & Endurance. I prefer staying in the (45min-60min) range whether it's hand Edging or Fleshlight edging.


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                    Finally doing HINDI SQUATS & RK'S simultaneously. Those squats are truly great for your Pelvic Floor relaxation & k/o Pre-E.

                    Started doing it like that about 3 weeks ago without having to put my back against a support to simultaneously RK & SQUAT.

                    AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                      KEGELS & REVERSE KEGELS are paramount.

                      Don't neglect K & RK'S

                      Me personally , I do them 6x a week & rest Sunday.

                      Any Routine works
                      But this is mine

                      100x quick Kegels
                      50x 7 second holds Kegels
                      5 reverse kegels for a 60 second hold
                      each time

                      I also Hindi Squats when I get the chance often for 2-3 minutes


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                        Also super Kegels are good . Hold a Kegel for as long as you can until you have MUSCLE FATIGUE !!!!!


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                          Officially starting my 19 month of PE this week. Let's go MARCH MADNESS


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                            Dude, that's crazy that in highschool you guys knew how to measure a dick.. I remember I would measure it on the side, always gave me my best measurement.. I could slide it way down.. Hahahahaha
                            bpsfl; 7.5".....7.5".......
                            bpel; 6.75"....7.0"......
                            meg; 5.5"......5.5".....
                            beg; 6.0".......6.0".....
                            Follow my log..
                            Go Real Big Or Go Home!!!!


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                              great gains, and good job keeping a steady routine. i can't believe i didn't measure till i was 38 years old.
                              proactive's progress log