Hey everybody,

I've been a lurker on the PE gym forums since last fall, and I began the JP90 routine back in November. Yesterday marked the end of the 90 challenge, and I want to post my results as well as ask for advice going forward now that its been a full 3 months.

My reason for starting PE was to gain length for the most part, and to condition my penis for more consistent, high quality EQ. I guess I naturally started with a bit more girth than most, and I wanted to gain length so that my penis would appear more proportional to itself as well as my overall body size (I'm 6'4 and pretty slim). That being said, I've titled this post as "Modified" JP90 because my routine followed the JP90 guidelines strictly on the stretching exercises, but I only did jelqs when I felt that my EQ had gone down for a couple of days consecutively. Years ago, before I found this site, I had done some PE that really only involved jelqing, and I think that was responsible for my starting girth size - however I can't say for certain because back then I didn't keep measurement logs. I don't think I want to gain anymore girth if it can be helped, so for that reason I stayed away from jelqing unless my EQ was suffering.

Without further ado, here are my measurements through 3 months of consistent PE. Girth measurements (flaccid and erect) were taken at midshaft.

Starting Measurements:
FSG: 3.5"
BPEL: 6.5"
EG: 5.75"

1 Month:
FSG: 3.5"
BPEL: 6.81"
EG: 6"

2 Months:
FSG: 3.75"
BPEL: 7"
EG: 6"

3 Months:
BPFSL: 7.25"
FSG: 3.75"
BPEL: 7.19"
EG: 6"

I plan to continue PE since I'm pretty excited about the results. However, I know I'm still a newbie at PE and wanted to see if any wizened PE experts might weigh in on advice going forward. I'm going to continue my routine for now, since I'm still seeing results, but like I said before my goal is length, and I think my long, long term goal is to reach 8".
Here are some notes on my routine over the past 3 months, if you've made it this far:
  • always used a shower (between 5 and 15 minutes) as a warm-up
  • after the first month following the JP90 stretches, I added in some additional stretches. Those include light bundled stretches, A and V-stretches, and Mandigo stretches.
  • for cooldown, I sometimes do low-EL wet jelqs, straight down
  • I have been using Stealth Innerwear since the beginning of my routine, and I added the Corkscrew after month 1. I try to wear the Corkscrew for between 6 and 8 hours, about 4 days a week.
  • I also have used a Phallogauge ADS, more frequently in the earlier months, and I still mix it in with the Corkscrew
  • my routine has been 2 days on, 1 day off for the duration of these last 3 months
  • as I added more stretches, my routine takes between 20-40 minutes, depending on warmup time and how much free time I have on any given day
  • Supplements I've been taking: L-Arganine, L-Lysine, L-Glycine, B vitamin complex, Horny Goat Weed, Tumeric, Zinc

TL;DR - I did a modified JP90 routine for 3 months and had good results, looking for advice on how to go forward with the intent to gain more length.
If you read this whole thing, you're a champ and I thank you!