Hello All!
After finally figuring out how to use this website properly, I'm deciding to post my progress. I started 2/8/18, and have already increased +1/2 EL and +1/8 EG in just about a month. I have always had a 9.5/10 EQ, feeling as hard as a rock every time. I started a very light jelqing, heavy stretching routine which in a week brought me +1/8 in length and I believe this to be EQ gains. A couple weeks later, over the course of 2 days I noticed He had increased another +1/8 EL. The thing about this increase in EL is that my EQ went down, but I still show +1/4 bigger at an 8/10 EQ.
Another week passed, and I measured today and hadn't been measuring the past couple days, but I have increased another +1/4 EL, and it definitely happened over those couple days without measuring because I remember being at the previous size just 3 days before.

7 x 4.75

7.5 x 4.875