I`ve been a member on this forum back in the day (2015) and luckily a friendly mod has merged my old account into this new one so I can still see the old posts. In thie following log I would like to share my PE regimen with you guys.

I`m a guy from Germany in my twenties and have heard about PE years ago and over the years spent time on and money (a looot of money ) on extenders, pumps, etc. I have seen results over the years (approx. 0.3 inches girth and about 1 inch of length) but reached a plateau with the old training schedule.
Recently I have read the TSM theory, which I guess most of you are familiar with. Usually my training consisted of "more is more gains" which as you might know is most likely not the case.

So, when I restarted PE this year, my regimen consisted of:

First month September: 6 on/1 off

-5 minutes warmup in the shower (hot water)
-10 minutes shower stretches (helicopter (tunica/ligs))

-8 hours vacuum extender (trying to avoid brand names )

-about 10 minutes of jelqing + pumping whenever I was comfortable enough in the bathtub (a hydropump)

+about a hundred kegels per day (not on the restday)

I would attribute some of the girth gains to the pumping regimen (Think in this time I went from 15.00 circumference cm to 15.2/3 cm - about 6.1/6.2 inches of girth). On the downside I have not gained length in that time. Through years of PE before I had gone from about 19.7 cm - around 7.8 inches in length to absolute max BPEL of about 22.0 cm (8.7 inches - ish length) however.
This measurement was done after the first month of my upper training schedule. In my opinion it lacked a clear focus and I can be lucky to have gained a bit of girth with that regimen. As mentioned earlier the other gains (length and a bit of girth came from years of PE before+the JP 90 I did in 2015 - there is an old log in the forum as well which I had written quite consistently back then)

Disappointed about the lack of length gains this year I read into the TSM theory and remeasured the BPFSL/BPEL difference. My BPFSL differs throughout the day ( sitting/standing, being aroused or completley flaccid, being warmed up properly or shrinking because of Germany`s cold weather )
When I measure in optimum conditions however I measure about 23.6 -ish cm (9.29 inches) BPFSL which is roughly half an inch longer than my BPEL. With regard to the TSM theory I believed the Smooth Muscles are my limiting factor. Also I had really weak erections and basically NEVER morning wood (through my first month of PE in 2018 it occured probably just once and then really weak - noodle -ish)

This was when I completely changed my training schedule. I dropped the extender completely and skipped the stretching! Since about two weeks I have been doing the following:

10 - 15 minutes warmup with hot water bag followed by:

25 - 30 minutes of classic Wet Jelqing (mid EQ, sometimes going down to low EQ) followed by:

10 to 15 minutes warmdown

Since then I have had enormous morning wood, which I consider a more than postive PI (?). These could also be attributed to my strong Kegel regimen, which basically consists of about 100 -1- second kegels throughout the day (during computer work, etc.). However I had done the kegels in the first month as well, but couldn`t feel their benefit (probably overworked my member?)

If you should have reached this point of my post and have read through my non native (german english ) post I would like to thank you very much at first !)
First, the purpose of this is to share my training schedule as I consider it a good focus routine (jelqing is in my opinion and according to german PE forums probably the best BPEL focus exercise - right ?)

Second, I come with a question: If I train according to the TSM theory, is it ok to drop the stretching completely and focus on jelqing only to reach the BPFSL BPEL wise (is the correct word for that "to catch up with the BPFSL"?) Please bare with my english skills.

Thank you once again for reading. Sending greetings and love across the ocean F.P.