Started my routine 10/01/18

Includes phallosan all day at work, and a bathmate session nightly. I have a private office which has helped with finding ideal techniques. I am just now finding my stride, as it took awhile to find what works best for my routine.

I am going to base my growth statistics off the measuring gauge in the Bathmate ( I am pretty lazy ).

My plan is to use the Phallosan for 6 months always followed with a bathmate session. I will also be starting a healthy diet and excersize program 11/01/18.

Pro tip #1. Use Nexcare tape, only tape your glans, then cover with a toe protector. Pump all the air out of the bell and get started. No blistering with full head espansion.

Pro tip #2. Immediately go and buy LG hanger sleeves. You get one but you can cut it in half to make 2. These sleeves are amazing, no loss of pressure, super tough, and cheaper over the long run.

Pro tip#3. Wrap medical gauze (breathable) around the ring and dust with baby powder daily. Has helped with ring burn tremendously.

I will update every 200 hours of use.
Girth measurements will not follow bathmate. The bathmate cylinder ruler is actually 1/2” shorter then actual.

Starting 6” BPEL. 5.5” girth

200 hours
6.5” BPEL 5.75” girth
Wife hasn’t noticed the length, but she loves how hard my head and shaft have become.