Last summer I completed JP 90 with almost 1" gains. Unfortunately I am only consistent during the summer months as I am in college with my girlfriend. I feel that I made a mistake during JP 90, I switched from wet jelqing with lube, to dry jelqing for the sake of cleanup. I have a log on my phone notes that shows me I gained the most during wet jelqing. Although I have been inconsistent with PE during the school year, I still remained active. I have an air pump that I use at least weekly, and I usually either stretch or use cock rings during my daily shower. It is unfortunate that I havent remained consistent for the past year because I feel I could have added at least 1.5" to my member, pushing me into the 7" range, which is where I desire to be. One of my major downfalls is cumming from both sex, and masturbation, AT LEAST 1 time per day, which I feel hinders my gains drastically as when I gained the initial .75" I was on a strict NO masturbation schedule, this is easy to do when I am home for the summer as I do not last very long during sex without prior masturbation, but I am not having nearly as much sex as my girl and I spend time away from eachother so much.

Now that I have been home for summer, and all of the family vacations are done, I have been going to the gym and lifting weights 5 days a week. As well as doing different exercises trying to get back to a consistent schedule. I recently purchased some cable clamps from lowes, one regular sized clamp and one mini clamp. I have been clamping for the past 2 weeks and I am already starting to see flaccid gains, and we all know that erection gains follow flaccid. I read through my entire PE log which has been ongoing for almost 2 years now. I started off at 5.5" in length, and 4.25" in girth. Inside of my pump nowadays with medium to high pressure I am reaching up past 6.5", almost to exactly 6.75". I remember when just the very tip of my head would stick out of the TP test, now the entire head and a little bit of shaft is outside the TP tube. After clamping and seeing how big I am engorged, I have found motivation to go back to a strict PE schedule with no masturbation.

My new routine will be clamping, 3-5 sets, at 8-10 minutes each, following this I will be doing three sets of 50 wet jelqs, intermittently with 3 sets of 30 wet V jelqs. I promise you all that I am conditioned for clamping, I have been taking it somewhat easy since I am just starting. However I have to ask, do you think it is better to Jelq before or after I clamp? (Please consider that I will be doing wet Jelqs). Along with this I will be clamping every PE day in the shower, as I have started doing already, this adds 1-2 sets per day with some time inbetween workouts as a short rest period. The main reason I post this is so that I can come back monthly to update with my progress, I DO NOT want to get back to college and fall off the wagon like I did last year. My log says that after JP-90 I was attempting to increase my staying time in bed, I was using a fleshlight every day, adding 10-15 seconds to my ejaculation time, however this just made me lose confidence and quit doing PE consistently. Now my goal is to get to my desired length and girth (7+ in Length, and 5+ in girth) and only then to fix my premature ejaculation issues, which is not as severe of an issue anymore as I can usually have penetrative sex for 10-15 minutes.

I hope to come back on August 15th to this forum and post an update, Many people say that there is a lack of proof of gains, however on my profile is my starting pics, I plan to update my progress pictures around December, as this is the 2 year mark of discovering PE, as well as the fact that I anticipate gaining at least .25"-.5" in length and or girth by then. Thank you for reading, wish me luck, as I wish all of you luck in your PE endeavors!