Hello guys

For a long time I've been reading about Multiple Male Orgasms and dry orgasms and all of that stuff and I was very intrigued by this so I've been trying to do the types of exercises that are described here in the forum. I've been doing this for maybe 2+ years now (30 minute morning sessions of soft, slow, masturbation and only ejaculating once a week (except when I have sex more than once a week). I have not been 100% consistent with this training, but it's been pretty regularl, however, so far I have not gotten any dry orgasm. I must say that I've gotten better at controlling my ejaculation when close to the PONR, I even have ejaculated a moderate amount without crossing the PONR which I read was an indication of progress towards the mastery of this ability, but that is as far as I've gotten. I have been stuck at the same spot for a long time and I don't know if I am missing anything or how long does it take for me to progress.

I often get a tingling sensation when I am about to cross the PONR, and sometimes I can maintain it for a bit and get very very close to orgasm without actually having it. But I reach orgasm by accident or on purpose I always ejaculate.

Any tips on new approaches or things that could help me would be appreciated. I think I've been at this for too long, so I must be doing something wrong.