I am starting this log at the end of month one mostly because my first month was a mess of trial and error and discovery but overall it was a success!

My first 1.5 to 2 weeks was all about setting a routine and trying to follow it. I tried pumping and hanging. The pumping didn't work out so well because I got some random pump from a sex store and it was the wrong size and poor quality. It did however increase my eq quite a bit.

At the start of this I really had trouble getting an erection without porn or stimulation from my wife and keeping it without aid was near impossible. After pumping for a little over a week I discovered I could get a semi fairly easily and maintain it. Which but a routine involving jelqing back on the table.

Enter the jp90. I have been doing the jp90 routine for 2 weeks now. My eq has gone way way up. I'm doing some things to help control my pre ejaculation issue. Mainly reverse kegels and Hindu squats. My pelvic floor is VERY TIGHT.

So my starting routine after I established it was this:

Warm up rice sock
JP90 stretches
Hang 30 minutes at 2.5lbs
Warm down
Warm up rice sock
Full jp90 routine
Edge if able to work on stamina and eq
Warm down

After listening to my PIs and paying very close attention I changed it up to hanging 3.5lbs for 20 minutes in the the morning and adding another 20 minute set in the evening. Everything else remained the same.

Additional resources: I use a stealth to heal enlongated. I also use on of the stealth sleeves to aid my grip when stretching which has been a huge help. I having been playing with my stealth set up while hanging as well. It seems to work great for me as a hang sleeve so I don't stretch the skin or irritate with the fastening. I have the stealth corkscrew but I drink a ton of water and pee alot and it's to cumbersome to take it on and off everytime I pee. I might try to wear it for a couple of hours in the evening next month.

So now to the fun part my results. I'm up about 0.25 inches across the board on every stat. I have a picture album. Be warned I'm bad at taking pics. It's really difficult to measure and hold a phone and take pics. Also, due to poor eq at the start, my pics are non bonepressed and with a cock ring. Starting at month 2 I will take bpel and bpfsl measurents for start and end of month with no cock ring now that I can get it up well.

I plan to update this on my rest days since I need something PE related to do. I really love my PE routine and I get antsy on rest days so this log will be an outlet.