Long time away, really only been maintaining since Christmas. Pump 5 days a week or so, clamp when I feel like it, squeeze at least 3 times a week. Hanging right about 9lbs for 20 minutes or so 5, sometimes 6 days a week.
Use my cheapo cylinder with hot water in the shower (have a rubber band at proper level to not flood the ball pump) for my pumping. Then hang after shower before going about my night. Nothing too wild.
Figured I should give a ~1 year update.

BPFSL, about 9.0625".
BPEL, right about 8.125".
No-pump MSEG, 5.625".
Easy to hit 6" girth with pumping.

I overdid it Monday and hit 7" girth- paid for it with some lovely edema haha... recovered now.
Wife is very pleased. I have to be careful with some angles as she had a histerectomy, and I can easily hit the cuff with some angles.

May or may not pop in again soon, being an "essential worker" has its perks, stress sure isn't one of them... 12 hours in the sun climbing on a machine today, have to keep that infrastructure moving!