So I started this thread so I can motiave myself and keep log. So I'm 23 yo with 5"inch BPEL and 4.5"inch EG, my goal is get to 7.25"inch BPEL and 6"inch EG and become shower. Reasons for doing this is to get more self-confidence, to get size for future and for my girlfriend. I would like to hit my goal in 3 years if possible, praying to God.
Till november I will do only stamina routine (edging, kegels, bathmate). Then I will start Begginer light routine ( for month, probably 2 and then I will start with extender. Gradually I will add manual exercises and bathmate.

I can do PE everyday except saturday and sunday so I will try to be as much as consistent.

Wish me luck and let's begin.