I'm going to be using an old school Power Jelq (looks like a canning jar lifter with big foam rollers) until I get my tax refund.

Then, I'm going to buy the Phallosan and Bathmate.

For exercise, I'll be doing Hindu Squats and Hindu Pushups.

I'll be taking CBD Oil, a variety of Grass-Fed Beef supplements from Ancestral Supplements and Cell Food for supplementation.

I'm still working out how I'm going to change my diet. I'm not a healthy eater. My main goal should be to cut out the junk food. But I have to admit, I'm not too motivated at the moment. I'm going to move forward hoping all the effort will inspire me to eat healthier.

I just want to move forward without waiting for all the conditions to be perfect.

My main goal in the beginning is to condition my penis with the Power Jelq to prepare myself for using the Phallosan and Bathmate.