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Hey man, how's it going? Any active PE lately?
Hey Vault, no nothing - I've been truly AWOL, from the forum and PE in general. I'm trying to get focused back on it and want to be around here more than I have been, hopefully that will spur me back to some PE activity.

A couple of relevant developments, I'm back on an antidepressant though it's not venlafaxine that I had been on before and so far this one seems better for PE purposes - some loss of sex drive but not of function, so I'm hoping PE would still be ok.

Also had a vasectomy, which is partly the reason for my long lay-off from PE, you can't really do anything like that while recovering from vasectomy, but I think I'm now healed enough that it would be alright to start back light. And at least now I can help out with any questions guys have about vasectomy.

You well?