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    BP 19,5 cm

    Girth on the base 15,5 (6.11)
    middle shaft 13,5-14 cm (5,32-5.51 inch)
    under the glans 12,5-13 cm (5.1 inch).

    My primary goal is girth

    Only manual doesn't work for me (regarding girth) I easily over train with that. I've gained more than 1 inches in length and something in girth too, but I need an extra stimulation

    So I bought an air pump with a gauge and silicon sleeve do allows a better vacuum

    this is my first week

    my routine is 2-3 sets of 5 minutes at 2-3 Hg In the middle I edge with a cock ring, warm up again, some holds of 2-3 minutes, enter fully erected

    My goal is, gradually, to reach a good amount of time under low pressure.
    Than, with time, increase the Hg (but I don't think I'll add a lot, after 5 Hg probably I will just add only time. At least until I won't start to focus on length too) and increase the manual clamp.

    Hope to see something in the next months.

    a 0,4 inches/ 1cm in girth and then in length would be veeery nice.

    If there is someone with experience and gains with air pump...Please, write any suggestions!
    If you're a Pumping expert and want to give some

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    Hi Lezoteli! Congrats on the gains you've made so far! May I ask how long you've been PEing for those gains? And what sort of routines/exercises/devices you were using?

    Also I'm pretty sure Dangler and not2big have lots of experience using air pumps so they can probably give you advice on that. Good luck on your girth journey!
    BEGIN! October 25, 2020
    BPEL: 6.0625"
    MEG = 4.625"
    BEG = 4.5"

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      Years On and Off.
      Regular newbie routines and then a stretch based one, around 40 minutes, all directions 1-3 minutes every stretch. Only manual. This is the first time I buy a device.
      If you're a Pumping expert and want to give some


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        Today I've reached 4-5 Hg...Looks like 4-5 Hg are the one that make me touch the cylinder with my penis. Otherwise, when I'm at 2-3, I have to excite myself and have an actual erection while I'm pumping. By doing so, my penis touches the cylinder.
        If it doesn't, I know that in that moment I've "lost" then erection and I'm having one only because of the vacuum.

        ...Does it make sense?
        If you're a Pumping expert and want to give some


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          If there is some pump expert that can help me...I need and advice regarding different approaches

          For example:

          Right now, since I'm at my first week, I don't see any kind of big expansion, inside the cylinder.
          BUT.. When I edge with the cock ring after (and not necessarily with the erection straight out of the cylinder.. But maybe after few minutes under hot water and after regaining an erection), the expansion is very good. Specially by doing some holds/clamp with hands for 1 minute.

          I used to do that without the pump.. Never had good results, expansion was good, but not always noticeable.

          Now, by clamping with hands, I had almost a + 2cm at the base right after the cock ring (for sure with some skin), and 1,5 cm middle shaft and at the top.

          18 cm at the base are cool !!

          So here my doubts.. I 'll try figure it out, but some advices would be cool

          I really hope that ONLY pumping allows you gains .But maybe the real deal could be the clamping and edging with the cock ring after pumping. I will do both (pump and clamp) but I have to figure it out with what ratio.

          So, if it's the first solution, I will try to do long cumulative sessions.. Like 1-2 hours (with pauses off course), at low pressure (around 3 Hg).And small amount of clamping.

          If it's the second, I will do just some 10 minutes sets, with WAY more clamping, edging and manual girth based exercises (exercises that right now, didn't give me gains, but maybe with the pumped effect would be different)
          If you're a Pumping expert and want to give some


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            I did 5 days On, and it’s about 10 days since I’ve started.
            I gradually increased time and pressure. First days never passed the 3Hg. These last sessions I did some 4Hg- 5Hg.
            I’m planning to keep that pressure as my max right now, I will just add time

            So now I’m planning to do something like:

            Warm up,
            Enter fully erected
            5 minutes pumping at 2-3 Hg
            Edge till I get a rock hard again
            10 minutes pumping at 3-4 Hg
            5x 30”-1’ holds/hand clamping with cock ring
            Rest/warm up
            Edge till I get a rock hard again
            10 minutes pumping (with hot water inside) at 4 Hg
            5x 30”-1’ holds/hand clamping with cock ring

            If Piis are good, same as in the morning, if I feel a bit more tired, only the first 10 minutes set.
            In total, would be 40-50 minutes under the pump and 15-20 holds of 30”-1’ plus the edging part with cock ring.

            If I’ll start to be tired, having less rock hard erections, Off day will follow. If it continues, I will reduce the amount of volume workout, BUT, if Piis are good, I will not take real OFF days, instead, I will do a very light pump of 10/15 minutes total without the manual part.

            If you're a Pumping expert and want to give some


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              Today rest day.
              I need to understand where can I place the “release” days.. If I do it during ON days, I kind of ruin the sessions, since I’m pumping and doing high erections exercises.
              If I do it in an OFF day, I lose a bit of the good flaccid state I have in these days.
              If you're a Pumping expert and want to give some