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    My story

    1*)improve EQ
    2*)Increase girth (5" would be great)

    Starting stats (08/22/10):
    BPEL: 6.125"
    Mid shaft EG: 4.25" (Midshaft)
    EG Base: 4"
    EQ: 7

    new stats as of 09/20/10:
    BPEL: 6.375 (+.25)
    Mid shaft EG 4.5! (+.25!!)
    Base EG 4 (+/- 0)
    Head EG 4

    BPEL: 6.1 (+/- 0)
    MSEG: 4.5 (+.25)
    Base EG 4.25 (+.25)
    Head EG 4.25 (+.25)
    EQ 9

    Began first serious PE session today in shower.
    LOT measured at 6 oclock?
    10 minute warm up with hot towel
    Stretches with 25 kegels, big circles per JP's routine minus the helicopter shakes
    20 jelq's/20 v-jelq's x3=60/60 total
    5 minute warm down

    Will add helicopter shakes next workout.

    Ran into trouble, unable to keep a satisfactory 50-70% erection during jelq's.

    any advice? critiques?

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    Some kegel during jelqs-that can help. You'll get better over time.

    Good luck with your routine
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      I wasnt going to post anything. Mainly, i think it's too early to credit my earlier PE session and edging earlier today. But hey whats a log for anyways if I'm not writing in it?

      So I felt positve indicators since my session. Flaccid was enlarged, a bit swollen even, increased horniness. My edging session had greater than normal EQ quality . Anyways, I woke up around 2am and had a stronger than normal morning erection!! I looked in the mirror, kegeled a few times. The response felt more powerful than normal. I hope this was real life and not just a dream.

      This gives me hope for tomorrow's session.

      good night gym.

      addendum: I should note that if i wake up with morning erections, they're always EQ5 and go away 2 minutes after. When I masturbate, they go away to full flacid in under 8 seconds no stimulation. Also, when i erect kegel, my penis barely moves. Hence, the significance of this post.
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        Just got done with my 2nd PE session. Penis feels a bit worn out lol. I did the same routine as above but 2 differences

        1) added helicopter shakes - found out this helps me regain form after losing erections so quickly
        2) did vjelq's one up, one up left, one up right. which i read here is the correct way to do them. counting that as 1 set.

        Erections were easier to achieve today. Still took a while to get, but had one in less time than yesterday and was able to work them back up better. An improvement over yesterday for sure.
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          note to self: buy the suave lube .

          anyone know which drug stores carry it and which section of that store?

          or any other suggestions you may have for lube which works well in the shower.
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            I'm planning to see my g/f on thursday. I want to make sure my penis won't be "fatigued", but at the same time "primed" for action. I don't know how to do that except for skipping exercise thursday. any suggestions?
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              Hi Steve123, Good thinking. I would do no PE on the morning of the day you see your girlfriend.
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                Just finished another day. this makes 3 in a row. Same routine as yesterday.
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                  hey man your stats are near mine.. girth wise that is.. lets help eachother out to figure out some soultions of proper girth techniques
                  Flaccid length 3.0 inch
                  Flaccid Girth 3.5 inch

                  Erect length 5.75 inch
                  Erect Girth 4.2...

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                    For sure Meebo. I am still a beginner so I dont know any exercises. I assumed jelqing is a girth technique.

                    So this morning, My morning wood was only EQ3. big difference from two nights back. Weird thing is, just a 2 second grab brought it to EQ7. So I don't know what that means if its a positive or negative indicator.

                    It also feels like my penis is hanging off my pubic bone and not being supported well. I don't know if that is normal for beginner's to feel unstable. I don't want to injure myself and i'm only doing a 1/3 of jp's routine jelq's. any advice could go a long way.
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                      listen man as much as i liked the JP routine i felt for my penis it just wasnt for me.. (long history of jacking off) so my penis hasnt been the healthiest.. so just take it slow man.. try this for me and see if it works good for you as it works great for me!!! do however many reps you want but i usually do this

                      50 slow jelqs kegel as much blood intoyour penis and get erect.. then do 20 second ULI and keep kegeling.. do 3 sets of those then do another 50 jelqs then if you want do another 2 sets of ulis with kegeling..

                      great expanison for me
                      Flaccid length 3.0 inch
                      Flaccid Girth 3.5 inch

                      Erect length 5.75 inch
                      Erect Girth 4.2...

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                        I have 2 questions.
                        1) what is a uli?

                        2) kegel's dont get me erect. idk if i even do them right. Basically, if I kegel, i feel the muscle in the perineum(space between testicles and anus) pulling towards my testicles. Is that a kegel? What do they feel like?
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                          so i did another pe session today. I couldn't get past eq3 in the shower but persisted on jelqing a EQ3 penis. Never again! it just feels weird and hangy even more than it did this morning. I don't know why it is so soft now. help! What am i doing wrong? I think i'm going to take a few days break from PE.
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                            So I'm going to take a few days from PE. I can't afford to lose much erection quality than i have now.

                            I also am reading that every beginner should start on JP's routine. My question is, because my erection at the base is smaller than other areas of my shaft, should i be reverse jelqing? or equivalent to increasing thickness in base? Or should I stick to JP's routine until i get conditioned.

                            Addendum: I drank 3 cups of erection tea for tonight. It's very delicious. But I am not sure I may be able to perform.
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                              In the last 4 days: hooked up twice. Edged for 2 minutes.

                              Today: Did another PE session as I feel recovered. Did usual warmup/stretches. Did about 100 jelqs and 100 vjelqs at a lighter grip, slower speed, and different form. We'll see if that makes the difference.
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