Hello all at PEgym....

Over the last year I've been contemplating PE, doing jelqs on and off, thinking about getting a bathmate/extender etc etc, but doing nothing solid....

Yesterday i said screw this, im gonna start on it, and so i have started JP's 90 day beginners routine, just finished day two of the routine and my unit looks and feels better already, veinier and thicker when i'm jelqing compared to when I used to do it on and off....Definitely gonna keep it up for the 90 days...

I recently bought an extender and have only used it for maybe 5 or 6 hours, male edge pro, having some difficulty with the instructions though, setting traction seems to be a tough one, any advice?

Anyway, day two, 88 to go, lets see some results, i will keep this thread updated each week or so...

Starting Stats:

BPFL: 10cm
BPEL: 15cm
L.O.T.: 6:00
BPFL: 13cm
BPEL: 18cm

Haven't really accurately measured girth but from what I remember from previous measurement i was around 4.5 inches thick, lets try and add another half inch, bring it up and over the 5 inch mark! Ultimately my goal is a non bone pressed erect lenght of 6.3 + inches with a EG of around 5 inches...happy days..