After two month I finally measured and there is some small gain in length. It seems like I gained around 0.4 cm = 0.2 in in length after two months, which is not that much compared to previous results. Girth is same, which is great whenever you gain in length. I wonder how much it will take to gain 2 cm, probably long time. I wonder if I should change something in my routine? I haven't been doing that much jelqing, I don't like how it makes my skin on penis all wrinkly. So I try to do them every 3rd day. Maybe that was mistake?
15/09/2010 Start (NBPEL:18cm or 7.1 in / EG:15.5cm or 6.1in)
14/4/2011 (NBPEL:20cm - 7.9 in / EG:16.5cm - 6.5 in)
GOAL:NBPEL:22cm - 8.7 in/ EG:16.5cm - 6.5 in