So I've been PEing a while.
And from what I can see, it doesn't seem like I was actually gaining much at all. Through PE that is.
Since August 09, I've dropped approximately 145lbs, and any gains made seem more likely to have come from that. Aside from the girth ones. I've been having one hell of a go with length excercises.

I make sure I do proper warm ups and downs, got myself a bathmate which I found is a godsend for girth. I'd just like to hit my actual goals here, which I think are quite realistic for the lengthening excercises.

As a current routine its:
10 min warm up
5 min BM

90 sec stretch intervals
(BTC, Down, Out and UP)

Then approx 150-350 wet jelqs
(depending on time

5 min BM
10 Min cooldown.

Any advice or potential addendums to this?