slowly slowly but yes it is working. I know its not that slow things seem to be actually progressing fairly well. I started using an extender 5 months ago saw a 1.5 cm gain after 6 weeks thinking sweet that fits with what the ad for this thing said I'd get .. then progress seemed to stop, kept using it over the next cple of months getting a little frustrated with the slowdown in gains.
reading this forum regularly kept me on track and working. I'll double check the latest results over the next week or so before updating my official stats BUT I've gotten to my first goal bpel 15cm from 13. I haven't checked girth yet but 15 cm and it feels great to finally hit it. now to steam on towards 18 cm .. maybe another year I don't care.

In the beginning I wasn't interested in flaccid gains .. more concerned with when it meant business but it really does make a difference to feel something hanging there .. I've always been a grower the flaccid was embarrassing just sitting there. now I'm not ashamed to be seen naked and this is only get better .. might go to the doc when I get to my goal whip it out and when he asks whats wrong with it say "nothing .. its a beauty isn't it"