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  • Qbee progress log

    Start July 31st 2021
    Measure: BPEL 6.75, Flaccid stretched 6.5, EC: 5.5

    Methods: QEP stock for 2 weeks, then switched to a vac setup for it for the next 2 weeks.
    Duration: I don't measure exact hours, but average must be 5 - 8 hours a day. Started off 1 -3 hours with the QEP until it could be worn comfortably for longer. Ramped up to 5 - 8 hours by the beginning of week 2. I've been extending everyday unless I feel like I'm pushing it and get some PI indicators that I need a rest day. I estimate 4 - 5 rest days for the month.

    Tension is hard to quantify, but I go for when the QEP springs start to compress. When standing they uncompress, but sitting pulls my pelvis back, and they start to compress. I work from home, and sit a lot.

    Measured again repeatedly on 8/31/21. BPEL: 6 15/16, flaccid stretched 7 3/8, EC: 5 5/8

    Was surprised at stretched length. Probably some measuring error in my start measrement. Not sure how I got BPEL longer than stretched in my beginning measurement, but it's what I wrote so I'm going with it. I have in the past measured myself at BPEL of 7" though, so I think I'm just getting back to my previous max.
    Also read about 'noobie' gains. I'm believe I'm mostly just maximizing what I already have, but definitely encouraged to measure increases anyway I look at it. I'll be interested to see what next month looks like.

    I'm skinny, don't get much exercise though. I don't eat that much, have actually lost weight during the pandemic.. I drink 3 - 5 drinks very night, which I wish was different, but right when the work day is over, I can't help but crack a beer.
    I take 1g of agmatine sulfate nearly everyday. It's got all kinds of purported benefits, mostly shown in animal studies, but lots of positive papers on it for all kinds of things including sexual function.
    I don't take it for PE, actually to potentiate kratom mostly. Ah yes... I've been a daily kratom user for 3+ years now. 5 grams a day max generally though, so fairly light but I wish I could take breaks from the stuff (seem to get some withdrawal symptoms when I stop). That's a whole other topic though.

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    Surprised to still see little gains coming in!
    Measured back on 10/1 but just now recording here. Same method as before. All QEP + ebay vacuum system. No more straps at all anymore. Duration is 5 - 9 hours. Weekends off, or at most 3 hours. Enough tension to compress the springs depending on position (sitting compresses them).
    10/1 measurements:
    BPEL: 7"
    Flaccid stretched: 7.5"
    EC: didn't measure