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    Hello, my fellow PErs!

    I've dabbled in PE, but have never really committed to it as I struggled with consistency. I've thankfully worked through that issue and am a much more regimented person overall.

    That being said, my routine is below. Please let me know your thoughts.

    7-days a week - Phallosan Forte - Target - 11 Hours
    Monday - Friday - Bathmate prior to ADS - Target 20 minutes
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday - Jelq Free routine

    I started yesterday and forgot to get my initial measurements. I'll get them tomorrow morning after I've normalized overnight.

    Let me know your thoughts on the routine. Am I overdoing it? What should stay? What should I get rid of? Or is this good to go?

    Thank you, friends! Good luck!

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    In order to avoid any negative PIs, I will be using the bathmate Monday-Tuesday, Thursday-Friday. I kept the Jelq free routine very low in #s last night, with 10 squeezes and 50 side-to-sides. Really want to see how my body responds before I go too hard in the paint. I used the Phallosan for many many hours at a time in my previous attempt at PE and had no issues with PIs. Everything in addition to the Phallason is uncharted waters for me.

    I also bought some supplements to increase EQ. Horney Goat Weed and L-Arginine and Citrulline Malate. This will add to the cocktail of a daily centrum, fish oil, b supplements, and vitamin D.


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      Mornin everyone!

      Only got 8.5 hours of ADS in yesterday, I woke up late and had a date in the evening. Didn't feel like S2S or Squeezing when I got home.

      I believe I've read that it takes a bit for Horny Goat Weed to get into your system before any effects are felt. Right now, I don't really feel any difference with it.


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        So I ordered the XL bell for the PF and it arrived in only 2 days.... their shipping is amazing. After taking a couple of pee breaks I can no longer get fully inside the Large Bell so I thought I'd upgrade to the XL.

        I'm really glad that I did. I get a good pump in the XL configuration, but I am dealing with some edema this evening. We'll see if this is a neutral PI for me. I've had edema in the past that I thought was due to not fitting well into the large bell.

        I finally got in a ruler and a tailors tape, so I'll get my first measurements in the morning.


        Forgot to add routine

        PF - 10 Hours
        Warm up in a hot tub
        Bathmate - 10 minutes
        S2S - 75 (+25)
        Squeeze - 10, 5-second hold each

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          Mornin, folks.

          Got some of my starting measurements.

          33 years old with about 30-40 pounds to lose.

          BPEL - 6 1/8
          MSEG - 5 /1/4
          BPSFL - 6 3/4
          NBPFL - 3 3/4

          BPEL 7.5
          MSEG - 5 3/4
          BPSFL - 8
          NBPFL - 5 1/2

          I forgot to get NBPEL.... and I'm strapped into the ADS... I'll get it tomorrow. The edema from last night dissipated within an hour or so, nothing to worry about. My morning wood woke me up an hour and a half early today... oh the downsides to better EQ. Lol!
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            My NBPEL really depressed me today, I didn't even write it down and quickly forgot the exact measurement, but I'm going to turn it into motivation to continue losing weight. I know this section of the forums is for PE, but my weight loss is connected to having a better NBPEL by reducing the depth of my fat pad. The largest downside of being a tall mfer is how much smaller it makes your dick look.

            Height - 6'3
            Starting Weight - 306
            Current Weight - 267 (-39lbs)
            Goal Weight - 235 (32lbs to go)
            Ideal Weight - 215 (that'd be insane)

            Since the XL bell on the PF is giving me edema I've reduced the number of hours I spend in it down to about 7-8 hours a day. I'm incrementally increasing my S2S and Squeezes. Still getting morning wood so I'll take it that the edema is mostly a neutral PI.

            Yesterday's routine

            Warm-up in the hot tub
            Bathmate - 15 minutes increasing pressure at 5-minute increments
            PF - 7 hours - edema for 2-3 hours
            Kegels - 75 1 second holds
            RKs - 50 1 second each

            I warmed up again with a rice sock for 5 minutes
            S2S - 100 (+25)
            Squeezes - 20 5 second holds (+10)
            Warm-down with the rice sock